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Stalling Tactics

I recently, seriously contemplated going back to dance class. I’ll admit that I don’t exactly remember how long it has been– 7 or 8 years, probably– but over the last couple of weeks, I’ve thought about it more and more. Naturally, this means I haven’t done it. You see, I am starting to employ some

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Five Things to Do (and Not Do) When Dating in LA

In the last few years, I’ve gotten the chance to see the insanity that counts for dating in Los Angeles. And while I’ve largely avoided it, what I’ve observed needs to serve as a warning to others. Here are my tips for things to do (and not do) when dating in Los Angeles:

Yahoo! Article on the 12 Categories of Single Women

Last night I ran across this article on Yahoo! from Marie Claire.  I’ll admit that I did not know there were 12 categories of single women. I thought there could be hundreds (or thousands) or one category: “Single.”  But no! There are 12. Naturally, I couldn’t resist clicking on the article and finding out my

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The Pros and Cons of Dating

Two of my friends are now actively dating. Both situations came about through online approaches, and it has been an interesting process for me to watch. Last night, one of those women met a man who also wants to find me a date. Interesting. Let’s put aside the fact that no one who has ever

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