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Behind-The-Scenes with Lesley Fera

Behind-The-Scenes with Lesley Fera from Kate Dating on Vimeo. Lesley Fera (“Pretty Little Liars”) introduces you to Penelope– a life coach who thinks the world needs less therapy and more common sense.

Behind-The-Scenes with Tamara Taylor (“Bones”)

Behind-The-Scenes with Tamara Taylor from Kate Dating on Vimeo. Enjoy this brief clip of actress Tamara Taylor (“Bones”) discussing her character (Sadie), as well as some glimpses of her behind-the-scenes on “Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths.”

Taking Center Stage

I grew up doing theater, and I performed as a dancer (at least periodically) up until about five/six years ago, so you would think that being in front of the camera for the web series would not be a terrifying prospect. Ha! So wrong. My performing background has always run somewhat in contradiction to my

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Behind the Scenes with Jen Lilley

Behind-The-Scenes with Jen Lilley from Kate Dating on Vimeo. Enjoy this brief glimpse of Jen Lilley on the set of “Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths,” as well as her discussion of how she sees Chloe.