Monthly Archives: May 2013

Chinet Commercial: Rediscover The Lost Art of Getting Together

I happened across this Chinet commercial on HGTV (of course!), and thought it was inspired. As a society, we’re connected electronically to people all around the world and completely disconnected to the people who are physically around us.  This commercial takes that idea and runs with it. Enjoy!  

Kate’s Tips for Starting Over in Los Angeles

I thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing one of the IndieGoGo campaign videos that is running right now.     Kate’s Tips for Starting Over in Los Angeles from Kate Dating on Vimeo.

The New Face in the Mirror

I looked in the mirror the other day and saw a middle-aged woman staring back. I tried to be grateful as my alternative to aging would be death (given that a time machine has not yet become commercially available). But I failed the gratitude test. Instead I was consumed with “when did this happen?” I’ve

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Second Dating Disaster (aka Being Stood Up)

I’ve been stood up twice by two different men.  I feel like this makes me an expert in the art of understanding the stages of it. Denial is a big one.  You look at the clock at least 60 times for every minute. You rationalize everything from traffic to trade winds. Every sound prompts a

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