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Interview with The Feminist Observer

  A couple of months ago, I did an interview with Sarah J. Browne for The Feminist Observer. It’s out now, and I’m this month’s “Featured Feminist!”  It was a fun interview, and I hope you get a chuckle or two out of reading it.      Patricia Steffy, otherwise known as Kate of Kate

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What Does Your Dream Date Drink?

On more than one occasion, my friends and I have wondered what it is that men are looking for in a woman on the first date. Okay, it was more than a fleeting ponder – more like one of those throw-your-hands-in-the-air-and-bang-your-head-on-the –desk reactions. Wee acknowledge that although we are all incredibly fabulous, sometimes the chemistry

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This Week on Dating in LA

Thanksgiving is almost here. If holiday planning has kept you busy, here is what you’ve missed this week. Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths The Shock of Yes 1 Year and Counting Broke Girls Travel Busiest Thanksgiving Travel Spots ‘Alone with Friends’ at Holiday House NYC Examiner.com 10 tips for making holiday season travel

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1 Year and Counting

So, a year ago today (Nov. 22), I was prepping for Thanksgiving dinner (that’s the look I went for on the left). I was a little nervous. You see, my friend C had invited a possible suitor for me to dinner. Having toyed with the idea of a set-up earlier in the year, I found

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Behind-the-Scenes: Dating Advice for Kate

The characters (and actors) of Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths (the original web series coming soon) have some dating advice for Kate. From heartfelt to hysterical, they give their take on the pitfalls of dating in any city, but especially LA.  Fans of The X-Files will get a particular kick out of Chloe’s

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To Split the Check, or Not Split the Check—This is the Question

Someone found my blog by searching for the internet for “do you split the check on a first date?” That person, whoever it was, inadvertently inspired this blog post (so, thank you).

Five Things to Do (and Not Do) When Dating in LA

In the last few years, I’ve gotten the chance to see the insanity that counts for dating in Los Angeles. And while I’ve largely avoided it, what I’ve observed needs to serve as a warning to others. Here are my tips for things to do (and not do) when dating in Los Angeles: