Yahoo! Article on the 12 Categories of Single Women

Last night I ran across this article on Yahoo! from Marie Claire.  I’ll admit that I did not know there were 12 categories of single women. I thought there could be hundreds (or thousands) or one category: “Single.”  But no! There are 12. Naturally, I couldn’t resist clicking on the article and finding out my category. It’s sort of like astrology for me– I want to know what’s up for my sign, but don’t make any adjustments or give it any thought after reading it.

In my mind, I’m “The Organic.”

The Organic: She prefers to leave things up to destiny and live her own life rather than hunting for men in any methodical or calculated way.

Of course, that wording should be changed from “any methodical or calculated way” to “in any way.”  If they happen upon me, awesome, if not, pass the wine and cheese.  It’s not that I don’t think about it– hello, I write this blog.  However, I just can’t bring myself to get an online profile and start eliminating suspects… uh… I mean find potential dates.  And I don’t think it would shock anyone to find out that there is an actual romantic side to me– the see-each-other-across-the-crowded-room part of me wants that approach to work instead (as it did once before). Is that crazy and unlikely since I rarely leave my apartment except to do freelance work or happy hour? Sure.  But so is love. So, I’m okay with that.

Go check out the Yahoo! article and see if you find yourself there.

Happy Tuesday!

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