Monthly Archives: March 2013

Ruling the World

This is really just a public service announcement to let you know that M and I have decided to rule the world.  Technically our world rule started at midnight PST, but in reality it started about an hour and forty-seven minutes ago when I woke up. It’s nothing personal. The former rulers did an okay

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The 7 Minute Solution

I have run across a significant number of life/time management books over the last few years.  It seems that the entire world had suggestions for how to better organize my newly liberated life once I quit my job.  I mentioned this to Pen, and she pulled out a slew of self-helpy kind of books that

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It’s Really the Little Things

The other day someone asked me what was wrong (as I appeared out of sorts), and I replied, “life.”  This comes off sounding evasive, but really it is the most complete answer I can possibly give because there are days when “my life” really is the thing that is wrong. There were no catastrophes (thank

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