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2nd New Thing: When Everything Goes Wrong—Improvise

I had a plan for the day. I was going to go up to the Getty and take a collections tour. I’ve done individual exhibits before, but never anything like this, so I thought it would fit in with the “trying new things” challenge. Plus, I like sitting on one of the lawns and looking

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Behind-The-Scenes with Lesley Fera

Behind-The-Scenes with Lesley Fera from Kate Dating on Vimeo. Lesley Fera (“Pretty Little Liars”) introduces you to Penelope– a life coach who thinks the world needs less therapy and more common sense.

1st New Thing: Meditation (aka “Why Meditation Was a Terrible Idea”)

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t see some article about the incredible benefits of meditation. From “100 Benefits of Meditation”  to “7 Reasons You Should Meditate,” I have been inundated with tips about how my aging brain will thank me for sitting quietly in the corner and meditating.

Behind-The-Scenes with Tamara Taylor (“Bones”)

Behind-The-Scenes with Tamara Taylor from Kate Dating on Vimeo. Enjoy this brief clip of actress Tamara Taylor (“Bones”) discussing her character (Sadie), as well as some glimpses of her behind-the-scenes on “Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths.”

30 Days of New

I’m getting tired of my daily routine, and I thought that I needed a spark in order to keep writing, growing, thinking, not hiding under the covers, etc.  So, I’ve decided to challenge myself to “30 Days of New.” It’s exactly what it sounds like.  For the next 30 days, I have to do something

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Won’t You Stop Being My Neighbor?

I have a bit of a delicate situation, and I’m hoping that the wise denizens of the Internet can give me some advice as Mr Rogers never covered this. But first, some backstory. Raise your hands if you currently live (or have ever lived) in an apartment. If so, you know how complicated navigating your

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Taking Center Stage

I grew up doing theater, and I performed as a dancer (at least periodically) up until about five/six years ago, so you would think that being in front of the camera for the web series would not be a terrifying prospect. Ha! So wrong. My performing background has always run somewhat in contradiction to my

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Today’s Lesson in Perseverance

Over the weekend we completed filming on a pilot presentation for Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths (more on that experience later). It’s a project we’ve been talking about for four years, based on a blog that began nearly seven years ago. And today I found out, quite by accident, that a script that

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Helicopter Brain

I am experiencing a serious case of “helicopter brain.” It’s a term that I picked up after reading the latest posting over on  (if you aren’t reading her, you need to add her to your blog roll).  Essentially,  “helicopter brain” occurs when you are flipping from activity to activity, thought to thought, half-finished project

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