Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Start of the School Year

There’s something about the start of a new school year (and the rise of September) that still impacts me even though my last day in a classroom is a distant memory. Is it because I spent the first half of my life in school? Is it because I keep seeing back to school shopping commercials

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How Much is Esteem Worth to You?

The boyfriend and I got into an interesting discussion the other night. He posed the question, “If you had to trade the esteem of everyone you will ever meet for an extraordinary amount of money, would you do it?” Naturally, I wanted some clarification before answering (because I’m a pain in the ass like that).

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Chocolate Wisdom

During my travels, I made certain that I stopped at Ingeborg’s Danish Chocolates in Solvang. Even though I knew the chocolate might melt in the long, hot drive home, I thought it was worth the risk (as it turned out, only the top ones really melted and all were still perfectly edible). I knew I

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Cure for the Restless Soul

Yesterday, I hit the road in an attempt to calm some of the restlessness that seems to be overtaking me. I didn’t have a set destination in mind, but I had heard some good things about Los Olivos. I headed up the 101, and figured that if I got tired of driving, I’d just stop

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The Food Blog

Food and I are in the midst of working on our relationship. It has been contentious at times, but we seem to have come to an understanding (and I try not to play favorites with chocolate anymore). Given that we haven’t always been on the best of terms, I never really learned how to cook.

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Introverts of the World Unite!

    I just finished reading this article on the Huffington Post: 23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert.  While not 100% accurate (for instance, I’ve been called an “old soul” since I was 8, not 20), I’m not sure I’ve ever read an article that described me more. Two points, in particular, caught my attention.

Five Things to Do (and Not Do) When Dating in LA

In the last few years, I’ve gotten the chance to see the insanity that counts for dating in Los Angeles. And while I’ve largely avoided it, what I’ve observed needs to serve as a warning to others. Here are my tips for things to do (and not do) when dating in Los Angeles:

Production Photos

  Curious to see behind-the-scenes photos from the pilot episode of Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths?  Check out the production Tumblr for some new releases featuring Lesley Fera, Jen Lilley, Tamara Taylor and Kristoffer Polaha: