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New Reviews for My Letter to Fear!

The reviews are in from Readers’ Favorite, and they like me! Okay, they like “My Letter to Fear (Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming),” and that’s not really me (except, if you’ve read the book, you know that I’m pretty much in the middle of it all).  If you want to

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Interview with The Feminist Observer

  A couple of months ago, I did an interview with Sarah J. Browne for The Feminist Observer. It’s out now, and I’m this month’s “Featured Feminist!”  It was a fun interview, and I hope you get a chuckle or two out of reading it.      Patricia Steffy, otherwise known as Kate of Kate

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Rebooting Remington Steele

  I wanted to be Laura Holt as a teenager. I wore the hats. I had the style, and I may have mimicked the persona in that I was driven and not easily swayed romantically.  Hmmm Apparently, I was channeling her well into my early 40s, as well.