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This Week on Dating in LA

Thanksgiving is almost here. If holiday planning has kept you busy, here is what you’ve missed this week. Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths The Shock of Yes 1 Year and Counting Broke Girls Travel Busiest Thanksgiving Travel Spots ‘Alone with Friends’ at Holiday House NYC Examiner.com 10 tips for making holiday season travel

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1 Year and Counting

So, a year ago today (Nov. 22), I was prepping for Thanksgiving dinner (that’s the look I went for on the left). I was a little nervous. You see, my friend C had invited a possible suitor for me to dinner. Having toyed with the idea of a set-up earlier in the year, I found

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Holidays Are Right Around the Corner

Did that headline make you cringe, or did your blood start pumping faster in anticipation of joyful tidings, chestnuts roasting and holiday parties? If it was the second of those options, why are we friends? No, seriously. I don’t understand.

The Travel Day

For many of you, today is a travel day. Have a safe journey and enjoy the holiday!  For those of you staying in town and sitting at your desks counting down the minutes until you are freed, I bring you my words of wisdom.

Single at the Holidays

I’ve been reading a lot of discussion lately about how difficult it is for singles to get through the holidays. I must admit, I go the other way with this kind of thing. I keep thinking “Thank God!” I’m single at the holidays. I know some of you are rolling your eyes at me right

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