Dear Designers: Call Me!

Perfect for pitch meetings, I'm sure.

Perfect for pitch meetings, I’m sure.

I love cute summer dresses.  Add to the fact that SoCal has summer weather at least 6 months out of every year, and you can see how I’d be on the look out for items all year long.  But the need is especially acute when the temps start to rise and stay put.

My problems are two-fold: I have no money and the designs are all wrong for a very large number of women.

Money is a pretty big problem. I’m willing to make some expenditure, but if your cute little summer dress is $400, I’ll be waving as I walk away.

Second problem: I like light, floaty things, but my body doesn’t work with what currently is billed in that category. Why? Because designers of cute summer dresses are making them practically sheer and with tiny little straps. Sigh. I have breasts. So, strappy little dresses mean wearing the dreaded strapless bra to wrestle these suckers down.  So, we’ve already blown the easy comfort that should be inherent in a summer dress when I have to add the strapless contraption. Not to mention the fact that I’ll be pulling the strapless bra up all day long– much to the amusement of my friends, I’m sure.  And for those of you yelling about the clear bra straps– not fooling anybody. Those clear straps are plastic, and they catch the sunlight.

Also, what is with the sheer? Yes, I can wear a tank top under it. Yes, I can wear a slip under it. But now you are requiring me to add clothing on a hot summer day, and, again, you’ve lost the easy, breezy feeling I was going for. And without those items, I’m not going out of the house. They might work on a runway, but I’m self-conscious enough pitching my work– a sheer dress isn’t going to help matters.

So, if you are designer with a tank (or other sleeved) dress that is light without becoming invisible to the naked eye in sunlight, give me a call.  And if they retail for under $50, I will tell all my friends. Promise.



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