The New Face in the Mirror

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I looked in the mirror the other day and saw a middle-aged woman staring back. I tried to be grateful as my alternative to aging would be death (given that a time machine has not yet become commercially available). But I failed the gratitude test. Instead I was consumed with “when did this happen?”

I’ve always looked young for my age. This was less entertaining when I was 22, and the library asked if my parents could co-sign for my library card, but as I’ve aged, I’ve started to appreciate it more. Getting carded in my 30s for the occasional alcohol purchase would actually bolster my spirits quite a bit some days. I know I’m not alone in that– I’ve seen you doing the “I just carded” dance, too.

So, what happened? I mean, maybe it was just a dead skin day, but I couldn’t stop starring in the mirror. I half imagined that my face was starting to drag and melt in a Poltergeist-reminiscent way.

I’m sure I’ll get used to this new reality. Twenty years from now I’ll look at pictures taken yesterday and marvel at how young I looked—after all, perspective counts for a lot. But that perspective has not yet come. For the moment, I just keep startling at the new face in the mirror.

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  1. Dee Murray

    No, no no…do not accept this reality! Take your glasses off…it works just like vaseline on camera lenses for movie stars of old. Wipes 15 years off your life right away! Second, candles. Seriously. They make you look thinner and younger, even in daytime. Third, the 80’s channel on your local satellite or cable provider. Then pop in some Remington Steele on the ol’ dvd player and VOILA!!!! That strange bathroom interloper is gone, Baby, gone! This is how I choose to live my life as well, and I feel much better about myself, locked inside my little home 20 years ago. ain’t just…well…blah blah. blah…you know…

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