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This Week on Dating in LA

Road trips, writing and brainstorming filled my week. If your week was similarly busy, here is what you missed: Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths Holidays Are Right Around the Corner A plea for people to focus on one holiday at a time– for instance, let’s enjoy the ones in this month rather than

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Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

Where does the inspiration for you to write come from?  This is a tricky question to answer right now because I’m constantly struggling to find that spark of inspiration, but I can tell you what has most consistently sparked my writing binges in the past: anger. I know, that sounds so not “keep-your-blog-thoughts-positive-and-uplifting,” but it’s

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Second Dating Disaster (aka Being Stood Up)

I’ve been stood up twice by two different men.  I feel like this makes me an expert in the art of understanding the stages of it. Denial is a big one.  You look at the clock at least 60 times for every minute. You rationalize everything from traffic to trade winds. Every sound prompts a

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