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This Week on Dating in LA

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week: Dating in LA Reassessing the Dream At what point do you choose something better, or admit that something isn’t working? Dating Advice for Kate This behind-the-scenes video (from the original series based on this blog) features character (and actor) advice about starting over again in the dating

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Behind-The-Scenes with Lesley Fera

Behind-The-Scenes with Lesley Fera from Kate Dating on Vimeo. Lesley Fera (“Pretty Little Liars”) introduces you to Penelope– a life coach who thinks the world needs less therapy and more common sense.

Taking Center Stage

I grew up doing theater, and I performed as a dancer (at least periodically) up until about five/six years ago, so you would think that being in front of the camera for the web series would not be a terrifying prospect. Ha! So wrong. My performing background has always run somewhat in contradiction to my

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Kate’s Tips for Starting Over in Los Angeles

I thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing one of the IndieGoGo campaign videos that is running right now.     Kate’s Tips for Starting Over in Los Angeles from Kate Dating on Vimeo.