30 Days of New

NEW copyI’m getting tired of my daily routine, and I thought that I needed a spark in order to keep writing, growing, thinking, not hiding under the covers, etc.  So, I’ve decided to challenge myself to “30 Days of New.” It’s exactly what it sounds like.  For the next 30 days, I have to do something new every day and then write about it.

They don’t have to be huge new things like, “Flew to Santorini.” They can be smaller new things, too—and more than likely they will be as I’ve been on this adventure for over two years and money isn’t exactly flowing. So, I’m hoping that in addition to finding some interesting new things to do, I also find some FREE and interesting new things to do.  And if one of these new things ends up actually earning me money, I will not complain.

Feel free to throw out suggestions! Keep in mind that I’m closer to a 19th century nun than a 21st century Angeleno, so some of them might need to be tailored a bit. Or a lot—as I know you people are pervs at heart.

In theory, I should wait until August 1st to begin this new challenge.


Why wait?

Off I go!


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