Today’s Lesson in Perseverance

Patricia Steffy as "Kate McAlister" in "Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths."

Patricia Steffy as “Kate McAlister” in “Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths.”

Over the weekend we completed filming on a pilot presentation for Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths (more on that experience later). It’s a project we’ve been talking about for four years, based on a blog that began nearly seven years ago. And today I found out, quite by accident, that a script that I had put aside (I was stuck on the re-write, and, essentially put it in a drawer), was just announced as one of The 2013 PAGE Awards Quarter-Finalists. Talk about motivation to get back to that re-write.

All of this comes at a time when I’ve been seriously contemplating my next steps. Bills are a reality, and I’ve been on this adventure for more than two years now. But the universe is a wily, little bugger. Just when you start to think about walking away, it sends you little gifts like the pilot shoot and the contest advancement. Encouragement? Temptation? Hard to say. But if it could also send a lottery win that would be helpful.

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