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This Week on Dating in LA

You could be sitting around your place today wondering if you missed anything interesting on the blog this week. The answer: of course!  You missed pictures of sunsets, tips about a new (and completely fun) place to drink wine, and some craziness in someone’s desperate attempts to lose weight. So, in case you missed them,

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Would You Do This to Lose Weight?

I’ll admit that I can become somewhat obsessive about my weight from time to time. I’ll go through phases where I’m very dedicated to getting down to a certain size (more to be able to fit in my clothing better than to hit a specific number, though). I’ll gear up to do more exercise. I’ll

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The Unrealistic Desire

There is nothing so consuming as an unrealistic desire. I’m not even sure it matters what it is: unattainable career goals, inappropriate men, getting into a size 2 again….  All of these things have the power to take the concentration off of realistic and necessary activities and put it firmly in dreamland. I have made

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