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Latest from Crazy Hollywood: Ironing the Goods

You know when you are having trouble sleeping, and you start to hit Twitter looking for something more intriguing than another restless night? Then you see something that makes you reconsider everything you used to think was ridiculous about Hollywood because a new item has been added to the list. This is that thing:  George

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The Giveaway

I think we need to radically shake up the dating world. I know what you are thinking: she’s going to urge widespread abstinence until people get back to actual relationships rather than random sex. No. Well, yes, but not right now. I’m thinking that we need a benevolent dating guru to create a massive blind

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The Unrealistic Desire

There is nothing so consuming as an unrealistic desire. I’m not even sure it matters what it is: unattainable career goals, inappropriate men, getting into a size 2 again….  All of these things have the power to take the concentration off of realistic and necessary activities and put it firmly in dreamland. I have made

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