Looking for Motivation

I’ve started working toward some very specific strategic goals for my career.  I’ve worked out a plan, given myself some deadlines and have an accountability plan (and Pen is allowed to be brutal and withhold wine if I don’t meet my goals). What I didn’t do is make any sort of personal strategic plan. Apparently, I can only focus on one thing at a time right now and adding that kind of thing would just be a recipe for disaster. Plus… I already have a well-thought out system in place for things like exercise and weight loss. It’s even color coded to indicate the severity of the need and, therefore, the highest levels of motivation. I could like to you. I could say it’s all about aging better and adding much-needed pep to my step. But in reality, my time is limited, and the only thing that gets me off the couch when I finally hit it is extreme need. Thus…

It’s ok. You can tell me if you have a similar motivation scheme. I won’t tell anyone.

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