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My Favorite Things in 2014: Theater

Despite my less than wealthy status, I’m happy that I’ve continued to make going to live theater a priority. It’s not always easy, but it can be such a powerful experience that I hope that no matter what I’m doing professionally, I can always make it a part of my year. This year, I’ve seen

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Sacrificing Something I Never Wanted to Lose

I want to dance again. I say this fully feeling my knees aching from a normal day’s walking and knowing that I haven’t been in class in years. I’m old. I’m not in shape to dance. My right foot seems to cramp when I stand up after sitting for too long. And yet, the urge

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EX (IT) Wounds

One of the big perks of writing this blog is that I get introduced to some very entertaining and talented people and projects in Los Angeles.  EX (IT) WOUNDS is exactly that kind of project. EX (IT) WOUNDS grew out of a real life love disaster (What??? Those never happen!). Rather than digging into an

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