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This Week on Dating in LA

Happy Sunday! This is what you’ve missed this week on Dating in LA: Private Versus Public Lives for Bloggers Where do we draw the line between our public and private selves? Three Good Things Time to improve my perspective by looking for three good things each day. Four Things that Spell Trouble for Creativity What

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Four Things That Spell Trouble for Creativity

I don’t know about you, but my motivation (and resulting creativity) flows in waves. My boyfriend seems endlessly creative. He sees a story everywhere, and he’s very focused. I cannot tell you how much I wish that was the case for me. No, for me every given day is different, and, at times, I find

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New Week, New Technology

There was quite a lot of new over the weekend, but most exciting for me was the upgrade (finally!) of my phone. None of my apps were really working anymore (mostly because, as my friend C put it, they were made in 1984), and it was looking like I might lose out on some writing

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