New Week, New Technology

There was quite a lot of new over the weekend, but most exciting for me was the upgrade (finally!) of my phone. None of my apps were really working anymore (mostly because, as my friend C put it, they were made in 1984), and it was looking like I might lose out on some writing work because I couldn’t make Instagram a part of my life.

HA! No more! I can now officially join the ranks of people who constantly post pictures of food and feet to Instagram– though if you look closely at the photos below, you’ll notice I’m more a “fogggy day” person than anything else. Still! I am there (at the very cryptically named “patriciasteffy” profile). I am one of you. And I’ve already started complaining because I can’t figure out how to zoom in that app.

As it turns out, this is more than a “waste your time” toy (at least at the moment). It kickstarted a creative impulse that involved me getting my butt to Malibu before 7am. I can tell you right now there are only three types of people on the beach that early: surfers, runners and people with new cameras/new phones with Instagram. We are a hearty lot because let me tell you– that ocean is cold. And yes, I might have gotten a little carried away while photographing my feet to the point that I failed to notice that the wave coming in was just ever so slightly bigger than the previous ones. Nothing like ocean soaked jeans in the morning!

I have no idea what this week holds. I’m guessing it will involve editing, writing and, hopefully, some paid work. I know for certain it will involve lots and lots of pictures.


P.S. If you are like I was and had an iPhone purchased years ago (with an operating system that didn’t allow for modern apps) and use AT&T, you might want to head in to your local store. I got upgraded to the iPhone 4 for only 99 cents plus tax (tax in California is a silly number, but in other places you might get lucky, and it’s still far cheaper in Cali than I thought getting a functional phone would be). They even waived my upgrade fee. It was definitely worth the visit to the store!