Stop. Shower Time!

Someone needs to invent a way for me to write in the shower. Paper doesn’t work (I’ve tried jumping out of the shower to write stuff down, but all that seems to do is make a mess). I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t take a computer in there (particularly since my laptop battery no longer charges, and it would have to be plugged in—ouch).

But there is no denying that I have profound thoughts in the shower (and it doesn’t seem to work the same way in the tub). I don’t know if it’s the isolation, the lack of distraction or the steady beating of water remarkably close to my brain. Whatever it is, it works. I’m motivated and creative in the shower as the water washes over me.

When I get out of the shower and the magic is gone. It’s as though the bright, cold world outside of the shower saps all the creative energy from me. Apparently I need the primordial soup of my shower for my imagination to flow. If I ever get a series, it’s going to be one hell of an interesting writers’ room.

Dark, rainy days do help a little. Of course, I live in Los Angeles, so there isn’t a lot of that going around. I used to celebrate that before (and in the winter, I certainly do), but right now I can kind of need that downpour atmosphere. Maybe if I put heavy drapes over all the windows and start playing a rain machine in the background, I’d be able to trick my brain? More than likely, I’d just have to pee all day long.

So save me, and my would-be career, by sending me your best waterproofed writing supplies, and I’ll give them a go. And if magic happens, I’ll name a character after you. Even if your name is Staples.

3 comments on “Stop. Shower Time!”

  1. Deb

    Maybe you should buy a scuba diver’s slate? They make boards for snorkelers and scuba divers to write notes under water. I’m pretty sure they sell them on Amazon. That way when inspiration hits you will be ready!

  2. Marisa

    This may sound silly, but can you take a recorder into the bathroom? (Probably not the shower directly.) I’ve had times where I had a REALLY good way to write something or thoughts I needed to get out ASAP and just hit record and started speaking so it wouldn’t leave my brain before I got them out. Or heck, maybe they have waterproof recorders…if they have waterproof video cameras, nothing would surprise me.

  3. KateDating

    These are both really good ideas. Can’t hurt to try them and see what works!

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