Book Cover Design Poll

YesNo copyI’m stuck. I had nearly 100 submissions to the book design contest. I narrowed down my options to four possible book cover designs. All very different. I fell in love with one early on, but then others came in that were very different, and… well… here we are.

So, I’m asking you to take a look at my four options and weigh in. Yes, I know most of you haven’t read the draft book– but some of you have seen the show and all of you have read at least one post on this blog (or you wouldn’t be voting). The book is a series of essays about everything from failed expectations to romance to abuse to anal bleaching rants developed through a series of interviews. Given that wide range of topics, you know that the tone of the pieces is going to be mixed between light-hearted and serious.

I have two days to pick a winner. And apparently, I can’t choose all of them.

Keep in mind that everything can be changed– if you like a design overall, but would rather there be less on the back, or a different font, or a different color, etc, vote for it– all those things can be altered later on in the process.
Thank you!

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