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What You Missed

  This past week has involved a book, a big trip review and some gloriously good chocolate frozen treats. If your week has been similarly busy, here is what you’ve missed from me from around the web.   Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths Book Review: The French House   Broke Girls Travel Guest Post:

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Would You Rather Have Sex Or ….?

The other day The Huffington Post published an article called the 8 Things People Would Rather Have Than Sex. The article gives a basic review of the results of recent surveys judging what people would choose over a night (or year) of sex.

Cure for the Restless Soul

Yesterday, I hit the road in an attempt to calm some of the restlessness that seems to be overtaking me. I didn’t have a set destination in mind, but I had heard some good things about Los Olivos. I headed up the 101, and figured that if I got tired of driving, I’d just stop

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Things You May Have Missed

I was catching up on some internet reading, and I thought I’d share. These are things you may have missed, but clearly your life will not be complete until you read about them. No need to thank me—we can all be mystified, fascinated and entertained together. Animals Talking in All Caps http://animalstalkinginallcaps.tumblr.com/post/21825802942/i-should-raise-daniels-allowance-i-should The entire site

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