This Week on Dating in LA

It’s Sunday, and you are catching up on the blogs around the net as you sip coffee and seriously consider finally taking that shower and getting dressed. Here’s what you might have missed this week:

Sacrificing Something I Never Wanted to Lose

Have you ever regretted walking away from something– a hobby, a job, a goal?


Production Photos

Curious about the latest production photos from behind-the-scenes filming of the original series, Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths?


Five Things to Do (and Not Do) When Dating in LA

Tips on handling the disaster that is dating in LA


Introverts of the World Unite!

The secret world of introverts


The Food Blog

What it would look like if I wrote a food blog


The Money Chase

When bills are constantly chasing your income


Some Small New Discoveries: A Pub, Mascara and a House of Cards

Some recommendations from the week of new discoveries