I saw this posted on Facebook by PositiveMed (go look them up and “like” them), and I wanted to get your thoughts.


This is easy: play lottery. If I could not fail, playing the lottery sounds like a pretty good choice (though I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one making that choice, and if we all won, then we’d all get $1).  If this means for a living, oddly enough, I think I would still try to write (and apparently succeeding, if the message above means that I literally would not fail). Though, if failure equals arrest, I might also want to be a cat burglar just once. I’d give the jewelry back, of course, as I am not really interested in a life of crime, but To Catch a Thief has always been one of my favorite movies, so…

So, there you have it:  lottery winner, writer, one time jewel thief (or borrower, as I would give them back).

How about you?

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