This Week on Dating in LA

It has been a busy week here at Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths. If you’ve been busy, too, here is what you’ve missed:

The Advantages of Dating After a Certain Age
While aging in LA brings challenges to the dating scene, there is also one very big advantage

Relaunching the Travel Blog
Check out the newly designed travel blog!

Time Capsule
If you had to place one item in a time capsule that would define you to someone in 500 years, what would that be?

30 Days of New Revisited
An assessment of the challenge and a few of my favorite things

Priceless Clothing
Is there something in your closet that you will not get rid of, no matter how old and out of style, because of the sentiment behind it?

The Perfect Date
Is there a perfect date in the back of your mind when you get asked out?