The Perfect Date

Patricia Steffy as "Kate McAlister" in "Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths."

It’s Friday night, and I understand that this is often the night that singles go out on something called “a date.” Until recently, I didn’t have a lot of experience with this concept, but I’ve heard talk. I read.

Back in the day, I had elaborate scenarios set up for “perfect dates.” While I’m no Playboy Bunny, at various times it has involved walks on the beach. But that was mostly the teenage me who had no idea how tricky it is to get all the sand off of you before going to dinner. Also, who has solvents in the car to get the weird tar and oil residue that can coat your feet if you accidentally wander into the wrong part of the beach?

As time went by, I became less interested in elaborate set-ups and more interested in deep conversation. And if I couldn’t have that, I’d take pizza and football. No, seriously—casual dates took over as “perfect dates” because I could spend more time being comfortable and enjoying myself rather than worrying about how I looked, or how much something cost. Casual dates could also afford me the opportunity to really get to know the guy rather than focus on the trappings of the date.

Now, I’m not sure. Maybe there isn’t one particular “perfect” scenario anymore. Would I like to be whisked off to Paris? Have all the practical matters been taken care of? Yes? Okay, then that would probably be fine. Though it’s a really long trip, and I’m likely to be cranky for the first 24 hours, so keep that in mind before you get me on that plane. Would I like you to surprise me with pizza and cider on game day? As long as you are willing to cheer for my team, I might let you in.  Dinner and dancing? Hmmmm best check my mood on that one.

Yep, I’m a romantic, and I think it’s clear that my mood determines “perfect” most of the time. How about you? Do you have an ideal scenario in mind for tonight?

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  1. Dee Murray

    The Perfect Date…well…I have 2 – one that involves staying dressed in “outside” clothes, ordering from a menu and not doing dishes. But the other (and much more beloved) involves that Game of Thrones t-shirt that I can’t wear outside, sweats, some wine, some cheese, some bread and sharing the remote.

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