Latest from Crazy Hollywood: Ironing the Goods

head-slapYou know when you are having trouble sleeping, and you start to hit Twitter looking for something more intriguing than another restless night? Then you see something that makes you reconsider everything you used to think was ridiculous about Hollywood because a new item has been added to the list.

This is that thing:  George Clooney’s “Ball Ironing” Joke Inspires New Cosmetic Procedure (Get in Line, Gentlemen!)

Apparently, this procedure is sweeping the land because men are more aware than ever about their personal appearance and want their public persona to be as good as it can be.  I understand that in theory, but what kind of life are you living where you need a smooth scrotum to enhance something “public?”

I realize that I am not a man. I don’t know their body issues. Perhaps men are very sensitive about scrotum wrinkles. Perhaps for the last thousand years, men have been desperately wishing for crisper looking balls to go along with their penazzling, and their frustrations with their body images have actually resulted in war.  Maybe.  But for now, I’m going to leave “Tightening the Tackle” on my list of the most insane things I’ve heard this week in Hollywood.

Well done, crazy town!



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