Leap #2

Photo of Patricia Steffy as Kate in "Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths" taken by Director, Danielle Turchiano.

Photo of Patricia Steffy as Kate in “Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths” taken by Director, Danielle Turchiano.

This blog has always been about leaps of one form or another– leaps of faith, leaps of insanity, leaps out of the way. At times, it may have felt like being thrown off a cliff, instead of a willing jump, but for the most part the leaps have been good decisions. Yesterday, I took another one of those leaps.

We started production on the pilot presentation project for the web series based on this blog.  It was a day a very long time in coming (years, in fact).  I took its arrival with my usual brand of calm– in other words, I was a complete stress case. For weeks, it was pretty much all I thought about, and the week leading up to it was filled with constant motion.  But yesterday, it all came together.

I was able to work with a group of incredibly talented and kind actors and crew. I was terrified that I was going to forget my lines, forget blocking, knock things over (well, I did manage to spill some margarita mix on my legs, but that’s another story), and generally cause chaos.  Luckily, that chaos didn’t happen.  And though we have quite a bit of shooting left to do in July, yesterday’s set day has made me more excited about the opportunity than stressed about what could go wrong. Well, okay, I’m still me, so I’ll still worry about a million things out of my control, but I’m more hopeful than I have been in ages.

So, three cheers for leaps and fingers crossed for the ones to come.

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