Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday, and I feel like I should have words of wisdom for you.  Actually, I feel like I should have some wisdom for me, too, but I guess we’re all out of luck on that one.  Instead, I decided to once again check into how you all found me. 

According to our analytics, dear readers found me by searching the following things the most this week:

  1. Hot Italian Men in Underwear
  2. Ass Procedure Play
  3. Stana Katic Dating

I completely understand why #1 would be true because I did a pictorial on just that topic a little while ago.  Kudos to you all– and I will take this as a sign that I need to do more of those.

As for #2– well, that’s just frightening, but I also feel like I should apologize because your Google search clearly misled you by sending you to this blog.  Still, I hope you enjoyed that chastity piece I wrote a few years ago.

I’m not entirely clear on how a search on Ms. Katic’s love life brought you to me, either, but welcome! I am a fan of Castle. I’ve been on set for work, and everyone there was outrageously kind (and oddly enough, two of the actors starring in my web series have both been guest stars on Castle).  I have no idea who Stana Katic is dating, though, so in that respect I have still failed you.

In order to make up for my shortcomings, I am presenting you with this thought for the day:



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