Who Am I Anyway?

Who am I anyway?
Am I my resume?
That is a picture of a person I don’t know.

A Chorus Line


As I’ve mentioned, the process of willingly separating yourself from a job of 16+ years is a long one, and it involves an extraordinary amount of paperwork. While that is a nuisance, there is only one box on all of these forms that keeps tripping me up: Occupation.

Health insurance, life insurance, rollovers and any other form you can think of all ask for my occupation. It’s a reasonable question, I suppose. Health insurance professionals certainly want to know if I’m working in coal mines rather than an office building, but for the first time in so many years, I have nothing to enter into that field. I’m not a student. I’m not an analyst. Unemployed is technically accurate, but doesn’t seem right—surely that can’t be me. I did this willfully, and in my mind, that seems reserved for people who have dealt with downsizing and other economic woes.

Am I my resume? I don’t think I even know that person.

So, after spending a day or two in panic mode (apparently, undefined is something I’m not quite used to), I decided to look at this as a creative writing assignment. People keep telling me I should put my goals “out there,” so I’m going to. The very next form will say “Writer,” “Producer,” “Fashion Model,” “Host,” “George Clooney’s Wardrobe Assistant,” or “Deep Sea Diver” (I know, no one will believe I’m a writer). My friend E came up with a great one today at lunch, “Celebrity liaison.” Provided that isn’t actually code for “stalker”, I’m in! Though, naturally, I will refuse to do anything that involves sneaking someone drugs, a mistress or getting them coffee (no joke, I can’t make coffee, and since I don’t drink it, most drink orders still sound like gibberish).

How about “Celebrity Pillow fluffer?” And yes, the word “Pillow” needs to be in there, because as I’ve recently been told, people can seriously misunderstand your intentions if it’s missing from that title. Sheesh. One little mistake…


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