Awkward Moment

As you all know, I am delightfully oblivious to the people around me most of the time. Absent professors have nothing on me. However, from time to time, I will hear something during the course of running an errand (or saving the world) that just sets me off.

I thought today was one of those days.

I was waiting for the elevator this morning, when I heard a young mother calling her toddler daughter away from the display case to join her. Nothing outrageous thus far, right? Well, it would have remained that way except I heard the mother calling, “Come here, Creepy. Creepy, come here.” That… seemed a little off to me. I don’t know if slightly negative nicknames actually damage a child’s self-esteem or not, but it felt a tad jarring. I thought it might be accurate—I celebrate honesty. But not knowing if the child was indeed creepy did leave me with the temptation to give the mom a little stink eye.

And just as I was getting ready to do that, I heard her calling to the little girl, again: “Come on, Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea, we’ve got to go.”

In my defense, they sound really similar.

::: whistling through my unwarranted outrage:::

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