Where Can You Find Me?

PatriciaLagunaBeachIt’s time for the annual “Where is Patricia?” update.  Here are all the places (other than this blog) where you can find me:

Facebook Writer Page

This page combines all of my writing projects (blog, travel, script, book, etc). If you are a Facebook person, give my page a “like,” and you’ll stay up-to-date with my various projects.


Both my BrokeGirlsTravel.com blog and this one can be found there. It’s a great way to read all of your favorite blogs in one place. Beware that the original blogspot version of this blog is also listed on there. It’s a dead address, so you won’t get any updates with that one.


I do have a Twitter feed that links back here, and occasionally shares other words of wisdom in 140 characters or less.


When I’m on the road, I use Instagram often. You can usually get sneak previews of where I’m traveling through there.


This is my personal travel blog. If you enjoy travel photos, and brief thoughts on where I’ve wandered, this is a good place for  you to visit!


I’m a travel writer for Examiner.com. You can subscribe to that blog if you want direct updates. It’s very similar to my personal blog, but it follows specific PR requests and travel assignments, too.

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