The Question Is

Would you go on television and give an interview if there was a chance of you looking foolish in the process?

Normally, I’m a relatively mature (hey, I said “relatively”), educated individual. In real life, I’m fairly serious, or at least I can be if the situation warrants it (unless we are discussing anal bleaching, and then there is just no way I can do anything sling mockery). I have responsibilities. But most of all, I try to avoid looking wildly foolish.

Enter “Temptation A”.

Fans of “The X-Files” are being offered the opportunity to help promote the second movie on an international special. While I don’t know a lot about it, I think it will be largely conversations about the show and the first movie, along with clips, etc. If you are a fan of show, and in Los Angeles, would you do it?

(If you want to, email me at, and I will give you the details that were forwarded to me from Raskolnikov at Big Light’s network).

I find myself in my usual role of instigator. I’m trying to get everyone around me to do it. I’ve sent out emails. I’ve cajoled. I’ve prodded. What I haven’t done is volunteered myself.

I am reticent. Once again, I am reluctant to put myself out there. Do I really want the world at large to see me regress to my inner 15 year old fangirl-ness? Or should I reserve that privilege for only those people close enough to me to witness it first-hand? And more than that, is this hesitance just another sign of my own natural reserve holding me back from doing something that I really want to do—like working in an invitation to George Clooney to call me? Is this yet another opportunity that I might regret missing eventually?

It really shouldn’t matter to me. I shouldn’t really care if there are people in their living rooms making fun of my lipstick, my lack of face-lift, or my gravitationally challenged breasts. But I think I might care.

So, I need a “Pro” list and a “Con” list. Here is what mine looks like so far. Please send me your additions. You hold my fate in your hands.

1. I get to help promote XF2
2. I might get to meet other people with similar interests and see what they think about the film (something that I had already started doing at Paley)
3. When don’t I like talking about “The X-Files”?
4. Potential to make “William Hung” money if asked to hum “The X-Files” theme music or to come up with a coherent sentence (which will obviously fail, making me the next YouTube sensation).

1. Potential to look foolish
2. Potential to not be taken seriously in future industry endeavors
3. Potential to end up on Saturday Night Live as someone who needs to get a life
4. Potential to actually lose both undergrad and grad degrees when I provide graphic evidence that I’m an idiot (I’m not great at sounding anything but vapid under pressure in front of a camera)
5. Potential to never get a date again because men point at me on the street and say “there goes that girl who vomited on camera”
6. Potentially struck dumb by the enormity of “what I would wear” question
7. Potential to end up on “Girls Gone Wild” when I accidentally have a significant wardrobe malfunction

Now it’s your turn.

Kate, Oh, God, what would I wear?

2 comments on “The Question Is”

  1. Dee Murray

    SNL skit? LOL! I’m sooooo out! I know what those guys can do with someone trying to be serious. eek!

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    LOL!! But probably only if you do something really goofy. I still think you would be perfect for this, and it is madness that you have not yet joined the fray.

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