And This Says What?

The longer I’m around the entertainment industry, the more intrigued I am with various marketing aspects of getting an entertainment product out there. I don’t just mean the exploding online marketing, but even the more traditional product giveaways. Well, “traditional” might be stretching it in this case.

This example of the DVD ad is courtesy of Lyle on the Haven boards. Lyle is in Australia and posted this today (all credit goes Lyle’s way): (

Read this marketing piece for the new Californication DVDs very carefully.

Keep going.
All the way to the bottom.

“Includes sexy g-string”???????

Interesting. What exactly is that trying to convey?

“Thanks for enjoying the show, now stick this up your ass?”

“Please enjoy this complimentary lingerie. Every time you pick it out of your enormous bum, you’ll think of our show?”

No really, I do get it. It’s a sexy show. Many women watch it solely for the hotness that is David Duchovny (not me, of course, I do it for the complex characterizations… and the hotness of David Duchovny), and it might inspire sexy thoughts. Thongs are supposed to be sexy. In fact, I look sexy in a thong… right up until the time I turn around. Then… yeah, it’s all natural people. No butt padding for me. I feel your envy. It’s ok.

I’m not even against this particular giveaway. I’m just a little concerned about what the next step is going to be. I’m telling you now; I’m drawing the line at complimentary valtrex.

I’m just saying.


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