And That’s Bad Because…

Why is it that therapists, and seemingly Los Angeles society, would rather you call yourself depressed rather than lazy? How did depressed get elevated to noble, while lazy has been relegated to the dustbins along with all the other “negative” words we aren’t supposed to use to describe our behavior—even when they are accurate?

As usual, I have a theory.

If you are depressed, there is a pill. There is therapy. There is a plan. There is a way to “fix” you, even if practitioners avoid the term.

There is no pill for lazy. There is no self-help section for lazy (authors need to get writing because apparently this is still a largely untapped niche market). Personally, I’d probably buy a book that had the title “So, You’re Lazy—If You Give a Shit, Here Are Some Ideas To Get You Motivated”.

I’m reading a book right now, and it has some interesting ideas (recommended by Anna, props to Anna!). But I’ve hit a section that mentions that depressed people tend to put clutter on the floor (or “low”). Well, that may be true, but so do short people. If you combine short and lazy, you will tend to find a whole lot of stuff on the floor.

The reality is, at the end of a day (and sometimes in the middle of it), I am lazy. Once work is taken care of, the personal priorities get a bit lax. Fairly often, I’d much rather kick back and watch a movie over moving off my rapidly expanding ass to do something else productive. Tell someone that you are lazy, and the response tends to be “oh, don’t say that”. Why not? It’s not a tragic, permanent character flaw. I haven’t just admitted to suicidal tendencies. For the most part, it is the Yang to my Puritan-Work-Ethic-Ying. If I say that I’m lazy, it isn’t a sign of a deflating self-esteem or inflating psychosis. It’s just lazy.

Kate, wondering if there is such a thing as a cynical, self-help book

5 comments on “And That’s Bad Because…”

  1. Dee Murray

    I think not enough people take the time to be lazy…it’s a good thing sometimes. The brain & body just tell you that tv and ice cream is about all you’re getting accomplished today. And some days that’s just fine with me!

  2. Helen

    Ha! My therapist really did have a problem with me calling myself lazy. I hate to break the news to everyone, but many of the problems people have are caused by, you guessed it, being lazy! I know mine are. Hey, I work, I go to school, I see clients. When I’m home I feel like being lazy. I prefer reading magazines to working out and watching television to scrubbing the floor.

  3. Sarah

    Love lazy. At the end of the day, I don’t want to do. I want to be. On my couch or my bed. With a blanket. Maybe some tv or a book.

  4. Steffy in PA

    Kate dear, you’re questioning a catch-22 with regards to the “why isn’t there a book on lazy?” query. There likely aren’t any books on it because the potential authors, those with experience are… well… too lazy to write a book. LOL

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