The Power of 3

In literature the number three often holds great meaning.  I make no claim that this blog has any relation to literature whatsoever, but I’m going to borrow the number nonetheless. For today, the number represents change—more specifically, three changes over time.

Confused yet? Good.  It’s a Monday, and we need to shake off the residual wine and cheese hangovers from the weekend. Or maybe that’s just me.

Simply, I am challenging everyone who reads this blog to tell me what three changes you want to make in your life.  What is the change you will make today? What is the change you will make a week from now? What is the change you will make in six months?

Why those time periods? I’ll admit they are a bit arbitrary. I nearly chose one year rather than six months, but I tend to be more productive within tighter deadlines. But also there are changes to be made immediately in my own life (and possibly your lives) that will improve (hopefully) our situations. I’m not saying we all necessarily see results in the immediate future, but we all can start the process.

I think. Again, it’s a Monday. This could be false bravado because I’m all hopped up on a chocolate croissant.

Anyway… I’ll start.

The Change I Will Make Today:  Rather than collapsing on my couch when I get home, I will narrow my list of book agents and finalize at least one query letter/book proposal.

The Change I Will Make in a Week:  I will stop second guessing my opportunities, and I will take on offer of advice. I will also narrow the list of freelance writing possibilities and query one.

The Change I Will Make in Six Months:  I will stomp down my natural reluctance to talk to any and all strangers, and I will set up film script meetings (in theory, it will be done by then).  I will not hide behind potted plants or my laptop.

As you can see, I decided to focus on career—as in, getting one.  While these changes seem more like tasks, at their core they hit on things I struggle with—second guessing and avoidance. These things rarely do me any good and fairly often get in my way… still.

Your turn.

2 comments on “The Power of 3”

  1. Alison Groves (@alisongroves)

    Changes I will make today: I will pick up after myself a bit more when I get home instead of just walking in the door, shoving some food in my face, and spending the rest of the evening on the couch with the laptop.

    Changes I will make in a week: Will work on keeping my house in better order, as I am about to spend the rest of the year traveling. Keep house in better order now, less to worry about when you’re only home for a short time.

    Changes I will make in 6 months: Instead of spending 1-2 hours in the morning dicking around on the internet, I will read the paper and do other things that will help me become better informed of world events.

  2. openroadahead

    I love those, Alison!

    These are from from Dee (who was rejected by this site for no good reason):

    Changes I will make today: Underwear
    Changes I will make in a week: alarm clock settings- get up when I wake up!
    Changes I will make in 6 months: my positive outlook in order to have the energy to work on changing my life.

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