I See a Pattern

I’ve heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result (except when playing the lottery).  Now, while I’m quite certain that’s not the actual, clinical definition of insanity, I can see the point. For instance, if I hide in my apartment from the world, the odds of my becoming a success are kind of slim (again, unless the lottery comes through for me). I get this. However, enacting big, positive change in life is easier said than done.

The very proactive among you are shouting, “Just do it!”  Thank you, Nike. Is that the secret? You just do something to set everything in motion and momentum will carry you to the next place? I’m not sure that alone would work. I quit my job—big change. I think it was a positive change. But this did not guarantee that anything other than my stress levels and income actually changed (both went down, significantly).

In reality, I fell into patterns where I still ended up spending a lot of time on things that had nothing to do with my ultimate goals. That’s who I am: I get involved, get invested and a year passes. Now I’m not saying being a hard-worker is a bad trait. I just need to refocus it, and that is proving difficult.

Have you ever made big moves to bring about positive change in your life? How have you done it? Was it all one big leap, or did you just take small opportunities along the way?


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