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Defining “Good” on You

I continue to be intrigued by the wisdom imparted by Jennifer L Scott in “Lessons from Madame Chic.” And I swear I’m not getting paid to write about it – I even ordered this book myself in hard-copy form. You know that I mean business when that happens! Anywhoodle, I came across a passage where

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Review: “We’ll Always Have Paris” by Jennifer Coburn

If you have read the travel blog recently, you may have come across a guest post from Jennifer Coburn about traveling to Europe on a budget. It’s definitely worth a read, particularly if you are interested in stretching some dollars to travel. The guest post came on the heels of my reading her memoir, “We’ll

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The Perfect Date

It’s Friday night, and I understand that this is often the night that singles go out on something called “a date.” Until recently, I didn’t have a lot of experience with this concept, but I’ve heard talk. I read. Back in the day, I had elaborate scenarios set up for “perfect dates.” While I’m no

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