The Bucket List

The other day I saw a trailer for the movie “The Bucket List”. It’s a movie about two men (played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) who make a list of all the things they want to do before they kick the bucket—and then they force each other to do them. The trailer got me thinking about what my list would look like.

Naturally, since it was a Saturday night, I had nothing to do, and crawled into bed (it was late—probably 7:30) with my pad of paper and pen. I was determined to create my list. I’m good with lists. I like checking things off. I was comfy. I was ready. Totally ready. Ready, ready, ready to write.

Yeah, I had nothing. I’ve still got nothing. How can there be nothing? The guys in the movie trailer had things like “sky diving” on their lists. I almost wrote down groceries. Well, in all fairness, I did need them.

When I pose myself the question, “what do I want to do before I die, that I haven’t done”, I draw a blank. I suppose I could be crafty, and write down “enjoy turning 150 years old” just to hedge my bets, but it’s probably not in keeping with the spirit of the exercise.

I know what you are all thinking—Clooney! Sure, that would be nice, but if he stays a fantasy, I think I’m fine with that.

Those boots? Those boots are lovely, but it seems sort of, what’s the word…, shallow to not have loftier aspirations.

I have goals for other people. For instance, I’d like my friend Pen to meet Alex O’Loughlin from “Moonlight”. I’d also like more people to watch “Moonlight” so that Pen and Mich don’t have to deal with the woes of cancellation. I’d like more people to understand exactly how serious the situation in Pakistan is before they have to start dealing with phrases like “nuclear fall-out”. Also, I’d like Paul Walker to discover what an amazing person Chloe is and declare his love (You know, for her not for someone else while talking to her. That would just be rude). But these are little things, and not really personal goals. Ok, maybe that Pakistan one.

American Express had a list last year. It was something like “50 Things to Do Before You Die”. Naturally, most of the things were expensive enough to require a credit card. And while some of the things sounded interesting, most of them didn’t actually pique enough curiosity for me to do anything about them.

I’m either completely lacking in imagination (possible), or completely satisfied. Yeah, no, I’m not satisfied at all. So, if I’m not satisfied with my life, why can’t I come up with a list of things that I want to do? How did I go from having goals to only having complaints? At this rate, the first thing on the list will be “figure out what I want”. Of course, if I write that down, the universe (still being male) will take me out right after I finally figure it out.

What’s on your list? Is it cheating if I steal your lists? What is your number one thing to do, that you haven’t done, before you die?


2 comments on “The Bucket List”

  1. Pen

    First of all, I may have to sue whoever made this film, because clearly they stole my list. Next, start with small things and build from there. If you need groceries, put down groceries. Chances are you will be able to mark that one off in the next few weeks and that will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something! I think “purchasing wildly expensive boots I don’t need” is an admirable goal so I would put that one down too. Maybe casting Clooney in a movie you are producing would be an excellent goal for you? Travel goals are also always good. I hear Lake Como is nice, perhaps you would like to visit? See how easy this is? Forget lofty, forget altruistic. Think things like have a massage every month for a year. Here is a goal you can achieve with virtually no effort on your part aside from driving to the spa and pulling out that Amex card! As for the number one thing on my list…that is tough because I have so many. But I’m thinking sharing a bottle of 1982 Latour with Alex O’Loughlin would be nice. Of course sharing a warm Budweiser with Alex would probably do.

  2. danielletbd

    I kind of consider it a good thing if you have nothing on your list ’cause it means you actually are doing all you want to do now, when you’re alive, when it matters. Too twelve-year-old-optimistc for you? Yeah. me too.

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