I Have Found Him

I have found the one, and in true Los Angeles fashion, our eyes met while we were driving. I initially thought I was going to need to curse him. He cut me off, slightly, and it annoyed me. But really, being able to slam on my brakes like that gave me the opportunity to look at him more directly than if our vehicles had just gently glided to a stop.

“But you don’t know him” is what you are thinking, isn’t it?

Oh, but I do. I know that he isn’t bound by convention. I know he has a vast imagination. I know that he isn’t all about flash. And I know that, driving record aside, he values safety beyond all else.

And I know all this because he was wearing a helmet. He was wearing a helmet while driving his Toyota Tercel.

Now you are thinking—“so he just got off of a construction site, and he hadn’t yet taken off his hard hat”.

No, it wasn’t a hard hat. It was a helmet.

Now you are thinking—“maybe he has a seizure disorder, give him a break”.

No, it wasn’t a medical safety helmet, it was helmet.

A combat helmet.

He was wearing a camouflage combat helmet…and not much else.

This guy… this guy has a story.

So, if you are out there dark blue Toyota Tercel driving camo helmet wearing dude—shoot me an email. It is obvious we are meant to be.

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