The Travel Day

For many of you, today is a travel day. Have a safe journey and enjoy the holiday!  For those of you staying in town and sitting at your desks counting down the minutes until you are freed, I bring you my words of wisdom.

You should be obsessively listening to  Fade Into You from Nashville by Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen.  I have it on repeat while I’m writing– which will undoubtedly show up in the mood and tone of all the pieces written since I bought this off of iTunes.  Let’s hope that translated into genius.

You could take a look at the IBG charity auction that is going on right now on eBay which ends on Thursday (and the next round will be popping up right after this one ends).  Why? Well, because you like charity and want to support the IBG endeavors. Also, you might really want a Cylon toaster from Battlestar Galactica. How often do you get to tell someone to “frak off” on toast? Exactly.  In addition, there are tons of other TV shows and films throughout the rounds including items from The O.C., The Dark Knight, The New Normal, Switched at Birth and Shark Week in this one.

You might consider the following question and then post your answer in the comments:  If you could change one decision you made at any point in your life, what would it be? Side note:  wouldn’t it be great if this was a contest? I wish I could pick a winner and then magically change that decision for you. Alas, I’m just a writer and have no magical powers. Yet.


I leave you with this:



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