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Does Your Identity Depend on Your City?

    I was reflecting a bit on the book Million Dollar View which I posted about on the blog yesterday. I may be off-base about this, but I got the feeling that one of the lead characters so deeply identified with the bohemian aspects of her city of choice (and, as it happens, birth)

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Book Review: Million Dollar View

  At its heart, I think Million Dollar View by Silver Krieger is a romance. Yes, it’s a romance between characters, but it’s also about a deeply-held love for a city. And in that respect, it’s also about loss. The city is New York, and while much of the book takes place in the changing

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Sandy Days

I should start this by saying that I’m still thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts for the people impacted by Sandy. I’m here in Los Angeles.  We had 80 degree weather. We had Halloween. We had traffic snarls and relationship drama. In short, it was a semi-normal week in the neighborhood. As you might remember, I’m

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