Sandy Days

I should start this by saying that I’m still thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts for the people impacted by Sandy.

I’m here in Los Angeles.  We had 80 degree weather. We had Halloween. We had traffic snarls and relationship drama. In short, it was a semi-normal week in the neighborhood.

As you might remember, I’m a weather buff. I’m watching The Weather Channel on most days. Maybe it’s a “face your fear” kind of thing, but I’m addicted. This week, however… this week was surreal.

I lived in New Jersey for four years. I did the bridge and tunnel commute on my to downtown New York for work. This is what the subway station nearest my old office looks like right now:

Photo courtesy of MTA


From what I understand the lower levels of my old office building are under water, too.

I watched the news and saw Battery Park start to flood. I watched the footage of Seaside Heights, Sandy Hook and my other wandering shore spots start to blow.

My parents live in Ohio.  Ohio… as in nowhere near the Atlantic Ocean. And yet they lost power because of the severe weather system that then collided with the hurricane. They got treated to the rain and winds before the hurricane, and then got treated to the backlash of the storm as it came on land. But they got lucky. I know it doesn’t sound like they were, but they know that they were.

And then there is Delaware.  The Weather Channel had people standing on the boardwalk of Rehoboth Beach where The Ex and I used to go several times every summer. His family had a place in Dewey, and we would haunt the area as often as our schedules would allow.  As I watched the weatherman stand in front of Grotto Pizza, I had more than a pang or two for a little town that only represented happiness to me (even if it was many years ago).

This was Rehoboth a few days ago:


Photo courtesy: Alex Wong/Getty Images North America


Believe it or not, they are saying that the damage to Rehoboth Beach was minor. I’m hoping that means The Irish Eyes will be back in business and that Grotto Pizza will be handing out slices again soon.

Obviously, my life will take over again sooner rather than later. I’ll be back to worrying about relationships and work and how to lose those pesky five pounds. But for the last few days, I’ve had what I’m now calling “The Sandy Perspective.”  My family is safe. My friends who I have been able to contact on the east coast seem to have gotten through the storm well. This is what is important to me right now.

But don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll go back to bitching about how ridiculous my life is soon. After all, I’ve got to be me.

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