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Would You Rather Have Sex Or ….?

The other day The Huffington Post published an article called the 8 Things People Would Rather Have Than Sex. The article gives a basic review of the results of recent surveys judging what people would choose over a night (or year) of sex.

This Week on Dating in LA

It was another one of those “on the move” kind of weeks. Here’s what I was up to:   Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths True Love Put to the Test Ah, what we sacrifice for love…   Broke Girls Travel Big Bear Lake Photos and some travel thoughts as I explored the beautiful

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True Love Put to the Test

There comes a time in every relationship when your love is put to the test. The tests can be small, medium, or “what do you mean you’re his wife?” I faced such a test on Sunday. You see, I love Breaking Bad. My boyfriend loves Breaking Bad. It’s appointment television for us, and we sit

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Well, That Puts Things Into Perspective

Because I like to mentally torment myself whenever possible, I was inspired to create a list of things that did not exist the last time I had a legitimate first date.  By first date, I mean an actual “Gee, you’re kinda pretty, would you like to go out with me and form a meaningful lifetime

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