Things You May Have Missed

I was catching up on some internet reading, and I thought I’d share. These are things you may have missed, but clearly your life will not be complete until you read about them. No need to thank me—we can all be mystified, fascinated and entertained together.

Animals Talking in All Caps

The entire site makes me smile, but this one was too priceless not to share. Bookmark this tumblr and brighten your day.


Beautiful People Travel Free (’s mission is simple. They connect attractive people with generous people for world travel, or as CNN puts it, they connect “rich people with good-looking people who want to gallivant around the world on the rich person’s dime.”  Now, I am going through a frugal period, and the idea of world travel is looking appealing again. So, in theory, I’d love a generous person to start paying my bills.  Sadly, after looking at the site, I feel that I don’t quite measure up as a potential for patronage.  Also, my brain automatically goes to the “danger” place.  Even though the site includes safety guidelines, traveling anywhere with someone you don’t know sounds like a risky prospect. Plus, though it quite specifically states that it is not an escort site, I have a hard time believing that anyone is that generous without expecting something naked in return.  This is problematic for the more uptight among us (ie me).  Still, something intriguing for you to check out if you have a black belt and are feeling adventurous.


Cosmetic Foot Surgery

I love the way I look in heels, but, alas, I can often look more like a little kid trying on her mother’s shoes when I try to walk in them. So, I can appreciate the desire to want them to be more comfortable and for your body to feel more stable in them. However, I feel like hitting the cosmetic surgeon in order to make pretty shoes happen is taking it a bit far. Surely, in the endless universe of shoes, you can find a pair that are both appealing and not so damaging that you’ll be incapable of walking (in or out of shoes) down the road.


Eat More Chocolate!

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice. Out of my way! Though I did believe that chocolate kept me sane, I did not know it might also be boosting my vision. I need my vision to be boosted, so I’m actually a little disappointed in myself that I haven’t already had a couple of pieces along with my vitamins (plus, according to this article, it will also help my heart, protect my skin and do other fabulous things for me). Clearly, my impulses indicate that I was a doctor in a past life, and that the wisdom has secretly stayed with me (so secretly…).


Five to One

Don’t forget that this show runs from April 28th through May 1st.  It looks like it’s going to be highly entertaining. Plus, this way I get to claim that I went out clubbing on a Saturday night (as the show is at The Roxy). Wins for everyone!


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