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Smashwords Interview with … um… me

This seems a bit weird because we talk all the time. We’ve bonded. But just in case you want to learn more about me, you can head over to read this author interview I did with Smashwords. This is all in anticipation of the official release of My Letter to Fear (Essays on life, love

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Speed Date Improv #3

More bonus speed date footage is here! The third “gentleman” who sits down across from Kate is confident, well put together, and seemingly successful. What could go wrong, right? Well, the last guy looked the part, too, and look at how that turned out… This guy knows what he wants, but what he wants is

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The Wisdom of the Ages

I was puttering around in my room as the sounds of summer drifted up through the window. The general splashing and playing down by the pool gave way to the distinct sound of teenage girls chatting (or was it “catting”) it up as they lounged.  None of this gave me any pause until suddenly I

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