So, What Do You Want?

I’m reading a book right now for an upcoming review (more about that later), and I ran across this quote:  “Wanting something is essential to getting it.” (Have The Relationship You Want, Rori Raye).  Now while this was said in the context of maintaining or starting relationships, it set my brain on a slightly broader path.

How often do we really sit down and make a list (or a vision board, etc) of exactly what we really want?  I do make New Year’s Resolutions every year, but I rarely check in with them more than once a quarter– in other words, I’m rarely creating a defined path to achieve them on a daily basis. Also, I’m very good with generalities; “I want to be happy” is actually pretty useless if I’ve never sat down and figured out what would make me happy. Similarly, “I want George Clooney” isn’t really useful as I do not know him (and, maybe, once I did I wouldn’t actually want him…. nah, I still would).

You’re saying to yourself, “But you did create a vision board as a guide for the year.”  I did. I put up some pretty pictures and some words to capture the essence of things that I wanted.  But it’s not a map, it isn’t specific enough and it’s too easily put in a corner with the New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s easy to ignore it in the face of all the day to day worries and stress; “One of these days I’m going to work on that” has become my favorite saying.

For me, “one of these days” is now. So, this is my challenge to you: figure out exactly what you want (short-term, long-term, whatever).  Then create an actual plan for pursuing it.  My love for fudging and vagaries means that I will actually sit down and make a very specific step-by-step plan; the strategic plan I was supposed to make months ago, but never got around to doing.

Ready?  Go.

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